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"Dear Visitor "Do you know who we are?

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1 "Dear Visitor "Do you know who we are? on Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:13 am

:: Kudo Shinichi ::

{.. Dear Visitor ... Do you know who we are .. ? }

Here at the Detectives Airport landing aircraft daily, laden with new brothers and sisters
so,we all stand to greet them and take them in the Detectives Airport with joy and pleasure

Then grasp their hands and go out with them
from Detectives Airport heading to the marina
so,we take the boats and we start Sailing together to Detectives website
With Hearts filled with sincere love and brotherhood ..

Once the evening comes and the snows starts falling we return quickly to Detectives website to meet again
so the warmth in the forum melts the snow away and the distances between us and the new members with us.
There is no difference between old and young
Or between one nationality and another, we are all one family. Very Happy Very Happy

And any forum in our Detectives website comes from our big hearts like a chain full of Beautiful and values stuff

And the creativity in our Detective website Abundant as the rain falls

You May be surprised at what i say!! and think that I am exaggerating!!

But what I am saying is true ..

We are all working hard and active, striving towards a specific goal, a High and shiny Forum
More importantly, we all carry about the slogan (NO for laziness)

And if we were tired we go to Chat and talk together...
And from me the most hot welcome !!

Best regards

::Kudo Shinichi:: Smile

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